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Experience an environment transformed by Keita Turner and you will discover that she is an interior designer whose business is about creating fashionably chic, enduringly classic, beautiful, well-appointed and orderly safe havens.  Turner’s mission is to create high-end residential and commercial environments that are clean and functional, warm and inviting, suitable and inspirational, and most importantly that uplift the human spirit.


“My design philosophy is about creating surroundings that will play a beneficial and spiritually uplifting role in my client’s lives!  Although, I employ an individual and altruistic approach, my projects evoke a sense of enduring fashionably classic style.  Using lifestyle as my canvas, I design interiors that convey the inspirations, spirits, and habitudes of my clients.  The project influences the style – the structure of the interior, the location, and the client. Design is all about suitability.”  While, Turner is not confined to a particular look, her designs are characterized by a timeless elegance – a harmonious, smart, tailored, thoughtful and visually stimulating mix of natural subtle tones to deliciously vibrant accents, from divergent rough-hewn organic surfaces to glamorously translucent finishes, and high-quality contemporary furnishings and fabrics combined with antique, vintage and architectural pieces.  Details, surfaces, colors, materials, and architectural elements all come together to invigorate, inspire, calm, and balance the senses.


“My background as a former fashion designer also plays a vital role in how I approach interior design.  I address interior design in a similar manner to creating a fashion collection.  Silhouette, line, color and value, texture, proportion and scale, balance, unity and harmony, rhythm, and emphasis are all key elements and principles to my design process.  In order to achieve Enduring Fashionably Classic Design, I successfully interweave the architecture, couture dressmaker details like elegant trims, piping, tufted buttons, folds, pleats, ruffles, pattern, stripes, texture, contrast color, luxurious textiles, tailored draperies and upholstery, along with 18th, 19th, and 20th Century classic inspired furnishings, reinterpreted in a contemporary suitable way for today's lifestyles.”


Turner understands the effect an environment can have on one’s life or business.  Keeping that design perspective in mind, she creates surroundings that will play a valuable role in the life and image her residential and commercial clients want to lead or project.   Turner’s goal as a design professional is to provide her clients with satisfaction, balance, order, esthetics, productivity, challenge, and abundance.

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