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"With years of experience guiding our clients to realize their design dreams, we produce interiors characterized by a confident, chic and ageless elegance that both invigorates and balance the senses.  Our business is about creating transformative, Enduring Fashionably Classic Designs that uplift the human spirit."

At Keita Turner Design, we are passionate about creating modern, timeless designs that bring comfort and beauty to any space. With an eye for detail and an emphasis on craftsmanship, our designs are thoughtfully crafted to enhance your home, office or environment. We take pride in our innovative approach to product and interior design and strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience.   We also have an online retail store that offers a wide selection of carefully curated products and accessories. Our selection includes everything from furniture and wall decor to lighting and textiles. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your collection, or a complete redesign of your milieu, Keita Turner Design is the perfect place to start.

About Our Studio

We realize one-of-a-kind interiors, exteriors and products that add immeasurable value to and improve the quality of our clients' lives. 

Our acclaimed full-service interior and product design studio, Keita Turner Design, offers expertise in high-end residentialcommercial, and hospitality interior design, with a focus on full-scale renovations, new build construction, and fully furnished surroundings.  Whether it is private homes, offices, lobbies, retail stores, restaurants, or boutique hotels, we create designs that uplift the human spirit.


Working closely with architects, builders, contractors, artisans, and custom furniture makers, Keita Turner Design has produced bespoke environments for numerous high-profile clients across the country and beyond. 

 At Keita Turner Design, an Interior and Product Design Studio, we offer a wide selection of services to help you explore your creative potential. From timeless elegance to cozy and colorful designs, our portfolio has something for everyone. Whether you're looking to create a classic home or a charming haven for a young family, our experienced team has the skills and knowledge to help you realize your vision. We also offer online retail services, giving you the ability to purchase products right from the comfort of your own home. With our portfolio and services, you can experience the beauty of interior design and product design with ease.  We create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.   We are confident our body of work will impress any potential client and serve as a testament to our design capabilities and our commitment to excellence.

Inviting, Cheerful, Cozy & Colorful


Traditional Charm Reimagined 

At Keita Turner Design, an Interior and Product Design Studio, we're proud to showcase our body of work, ranging from alluring and extravagant sophistication to modern and minimalistic designs.  Our portfolio includes a stunning Manhattan, NY dining venue in collaboration with the Black Artists and Designers Guild for DIFFA’s Dining by Design. This project was a great opportunity to show off our creative skills and attention to detail, and it resulted in a striking space.  Our portfolio also includes projects highlighting the use of custom designed furniture and artisan made accessories for both residential and commercial spaces, as well as a range of unique products available for sale in our online retail shop.  We strive to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.   We are confident our body of work will impress any potential client and serve as a testament to our design capabilities and our commitment to excellence.

Alluring & Extravagant Sophistication 

Experience Timeless Elegance


Among our greatest honors are the clients who have trusted us to help them create surroundings that convey their essence, inspirations, lifestyles, and habitudes.  We're humbled not only by the successful results we've achieved together, but far more, by the satisfaction, balance, order, esthetics, productivity, challenge, and abundance the environments have provided our clients.

We'd be honored if you'd take a moment to hear what these clients have to say about their experience working with Keita Turner Design.

_Essence Magazine Showhouse - Version 2.jpg
Take a look at Keita Turner Design’s portfolio for our Interior and Product Design Studio.  We specialize in creating colorful and inviting spaces, such as the Ditmas Park, Brooklyn NY craftsman style home we designed for a growing young professional family.  Our designs for this home feature a fun, blithe spirited use of colors, patterns and textures, creating a pick-me-up vibe and a fresh, lively atmosphere. We understand that your surroundings play an important role in your emotional satisfaction and well-being, and that great interior design can truly enhance your life.  Check out our portfolio and see the difference we can make!

The Navvaros, Client

Having worked with Keita Turner on our prior dwelling, it didn't take long to decide we needed her help once again.  We had just closed on the house, and one late winter's day, my husband and I were sitting on the living room floor going down a rabbit hole of lighting fixtures.  After “spending hours” fruitlessly scrolling, I called Keita to steer the entire process.  We have a sense of what we like – not cookie cutter, not off the wall – and Keita is really good at interpreting that and making it look beautiful.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY - New Kitchen Remodel and Renovation by Keita Turner Design

Cassandra Bromfield, Client

We started with my kitchen renovation and it expanded to other areas of my home.  I had no previous experience working with an interior designer and I didn't want to lose my voice in the design.  Keita Turner worked with me to find out my key wants, wishes and can't do withouts for the project.  Keita's experience working with co-ops is a plus.  I am so happy with the beautifully finished spaces.  I would absolutely recommend Keita.  She is a great designer, but she is also a fantastic listener.

Upper Westside New York City, Pre-war Highrise Classic Five Apartment Redesign by Keita Turner Design

Nancy Love, Client

Keita Turner transformed an apartment that needed a lot of work into a "must have," beautiful apartment.  Thanks to her keen eye, creativity, and high style, we received several offers "sight unseen" as well as in person.  I highly recommend using Keita Turner for interior design work.


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