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_Keita's Former Home_IMG_5741 - Version 2.jpg

Keita Turner Design

Keita Turner

New York, NY 
Keita's Former Home

_Keita's Former Home_IMG_5728 _6198
_Keita's Former Home_IMG_5734 _6195
_Keita's Former Home_IMG_5741 _6193
_KT's Former Home_Bedroom  Photo04_1_1 c
_KT's Former Home_Bedroom_Painting by BT
_KT's Former Home_Bedroom_Painting by Ke
Detail__079_18A1368_1 - Version 2
Detail of English Fitted Armoire 075_22A
Detail of Credenza (Antique Buffet) 076_
Detail of B
Detail of B
Keita at home sitting on white mid-centu
Keita in Mid-Century Chair with English
KT in Environment Shot 1

Project Description:

Interior Design - Keita Turner Design

Interior Photography - Sujit Sarkar

Portrait Photography - Lorenzo Williams

Artwork/Paintings: Betty Toler Turner MFA

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